K.O.L Cam

Powerful 60x Zoom

A new generation of K.O.L Cam is born. Integrated into the surgical lighting, the K.O.L Cam features a powerful 60x zoom with autofocus that makes it ideal for all surgical procedures including endodontics.

The Camera

Documenting has never been easier with the K.O.L Cam’s unique design and powerful autofocus. You can now take intraoral and extraoral HD photos, record live procedures, and even stream online.

The HD Screen

K.O.L Cam’s HD screen enables the whole team to watch procedures in real time.

- See clearly what you are doing directly on the screen.
- Enable your team to watch and learn.
- Show your patients conditions and diseases when needed.

The Light

K.O.L Cam 55 000 lux variable intensity LED light provides you the perfect lighting for your daily procedures with amazing reproduction of color.

Technical Specifications

Dimension of the base

30”x 30”approx.

Dimension of the head

272 x 116 x 146mm / 10.7”x 4.56”x 5.75”(without handles)

Total length of the arm

1470mm / 57.87”

Diameter of axis

35mm / 1.35”

Adjustable light Intensity with a maximum

output of 52.000 Lux


60x Zoom

Focus type

Autofocus with considerable depth of field


1080p (1080 x 1920)/60p

Horizontal field of view

48° to 2,8°

*More detail about the technical specifications download here