BiLumix Headlamp


No more pressure on doctors’ noses! Experience the comfort and versatility of the wireless, ergonomic BiLumix Shadowless Headlamp!

Solutions for Digital Dentistry


The Paradigm Shifting ‘Digital Solution’ Making a better world by providing reliable, innovative x-ray imaging solutions.

Value, Efficiency, and Productivity

Intraoral Scanner i500

The i500 intraoral scanner has amazing key features that will make scanning a smoother experience

LED Light, HD Screen, HD Camera

Elio X

It's now fast and easy to take photos and record videos of procedures.

No more Fingers or Mirrors

Scan Mate

Comfortable retraction, control and efficiency that produces quality images!

A leading provider of regenerative oral osteobiologics.

MaXXeus’s Bone and Membrane

Maxxeus Dental offers a wide range of allografts for dental applications.