BiLumix Headlamp


No more pressure on doctors’ noses! Experience the comfort and versatility of the wireless, ergonomic BiLumix Shadowless Headlamp!

Solutions for Digital Dentistry


The Paradigm Shifting ‘Digital Solution’ Making a better world by providing reliable, innovative x-ray imaging solutions.

Value, Efficiency, and Productivity

Intraoral Scanner i500

The i500 intraoral scanner has amazing key features that will make scanning a smoother experience

LED Light, HD Screen, HD Camera

K.O.L Cam

It's now fast and easy to take photos and record videos of procedures.

No more Fingers or Mirrors

Scan Mate

Comfortable retraction, control and efficiency that produces quality images!

A leading provider of regenerative oral osteobiologics.

MaXXeus’s Bone and Membrane

Maxxeus Dental offers a wide range of allografts for dental applications.