Cervico Guide

The Cervico Guide is a re-usable, autoclavable, multi-use tool that can be used for an accurate, easy and fast intra-oral identification of the proper size and shape cervico healing abutment that is needed for the patient.


This tool can be used for
  • Cervical profile evaluation of the implant site/prosthesis
  • Marking or initiation of the implant osteotomy
  • Evaluation of available mesio-distal space and indirect correlation to proper implant platform size
  • Evaluation of the available inter-occlusal space

Please refer to the end of this page for explanatory clinical images

What’s included:
  • Guide Silicon Tray
  • 4 Guide Pins
  • 20 Stainless Steel Tabs
  • Magnetic Retention Handle

How it works

By simply evaluating the prosthetic space with the tab connected to the handle the clinician can identify, and therefore correlate, which size and shape cervico abutment needs to be prepared. The cervical tab of the guide with coding(pS) corresponds to the well of the mold with (pS) coding, etc.

This tool can also be used as a surgical guide for the proper positioning of the implant osteotomy.

Orientation T line of the cervical tabs, serve as reference for correct orientation of the prosthetic connection of the implant in space. This will allow proper orientation of the cervico abutment once coupled with the implant.

Implant companies utilise orientation markers on their implant carriers to allow proper control of implant prosthetic connection orientation in space. Orient these markers towards the T-line.


  • External Hex or Internal Hex or Octagon or Square Connections: Flat seat of connection (or implant carrier) parallel to the T-line
  • Trilobe Connections: Vertex of connection pointing towards the T-Line
  • Grove/Locks Connections: Orientation markers of implant carrier pointing towards the T-line


Cervico Gude Tabs Circular diagram

Outside Row

Cervical shaped tabs (12) that correspond in shape and dimensions with the antomical shaped wells (12) of the Cervico Mold, carrying the same coding.

aS, aM, aL

tabs correspond to the cervical margin of the crown of anterior teeth (Small / Medium / Large)

m1S, m1M, m1L

tabs correspond to the cervical margin of the crown of squared shape molars (Small /Medium / Large)

pS, pM, pL

tabs correspond to the cervical margin of the crown of premolars (Small / Medium / Large)

m2S, m2M, m2L

tabs correspond to the cervical margin of the crown ofelongated shape molars (Small / Medium/ Large)

Inside Row

Cylindrical shaped tabs (8) with a coding number that ranges from from 5 to 12; Where four of these tabs correspond in shape and dimensions with the 4 cylindrical shaped wells of the Cervico Mold. Their code represents their actual diameter in millimeters.

The cylindrical tabs 6 to 12 can be used during surgical implant placement in order to facilitate proper position of the implant osteotomy

The cylindrical tabs that carry a «c» coding (c5, c6, c7, c8) they correspond in size to the cylindrical shaped wells of the mold (carrying the same coding).

Guide Pins

The Cervico Implant Guide Pins can be used for evaluation of the correct position and angulation of the implant osteotomy in relation to the desired cervical profile during implant osteotomy preparation.

VPI Ti Implant Pin Rev 02 ciel
Ciel 1.8ø
VPI Ti Implant Pin Rev 02 green
Green 2.6ø
VPI Ti Implant Pin Rev 02 purple
Purple 3.2ø
VPI Ti Implant Pin Rev 02 gold
Gold 4.6ø

Retention Handle

The Guide Retention Handle is used to hold and extend Guide Tabs into the desired position in the mouth.

A magnetic connection allows ease of switching various sized tabs during the initial measuring phase and at the stage of initiation of the implant osteotomy

Cervico Guide Tabs m2S
Cervico Guide Tabs m2S rotated
Cervico Guide Retention Handle

Depth Gauge

Cervico Depth Gauge in mouth

The Cervico depth gauge is a multi-tool that can facilitate the evaluation of the:

  • Distance between implant platform and cervical profile margin
  • Depth of implant placement
  • Supra-crestal gingival height
  • Future super-structure height
  • Available inter-occlusal space.

The design allows both the easy visual identification of the numbers and the proper fit of the functional part of the instrument onto the implant platform. This depth gauge can magnetically be attached onto the guide’s magnetic retention handle