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The Universal Implant Prosthetic Driver Kit

Specialized dental kits for implantologists are designed to handle specific cases in dental surgery. These dental implant surgical kits include supplies that are essential to a successful surgery, from drills to depth gauges.

Toolkits for Implant Procedures

A product that enhances the success rate of implant placement by supplementing the concept of existing surgery based on years of clinical experience

  • Easy to Use

    The optimal implant treatment tool configured for easy treatment even for beginners.

  • Modularity

    Variety of toolkits are developed specific procedures.

  • Safety & Performance

    These tools allows user to quickly operate surgeries without damaging patient.

Oneself Bone Collector - OSBC

Drilling Utility Kit for Collecting Bone

OSBC Oneself Bone Collector kit provides reliable utility tools to reduce bone heating and time of collection during the procedure.


Bone Scrapper

Easily Scrap Bones from The Surface

Most advance manual bone harvesting device, which is equipped with 360 rotating blade and transparent chamber.


Easy Implant Guide

Optimized with Essential Tools for Implant

This mini kit consisting of essential items enables more convenient and intuitive use which improves your performance. Also excellent cross-infection protection


Sinus Combination Kit

Essential tools for maxillary sinus elevation

A combined kit consisting of tools that can perform both Sinus Lateral Upper Roch and Sinus Crystal Upper Roch with one set.


Easy Extraction Kit

Convenient Tooth Extracting Tools

A combined kit consisting of tools that are easy uses and perform both extraction with minimal damages to patient


Simple Sinus Lateral Reamer Kit

For Sinus Lateral Upper Loch treatment

Set of tools consisting only of a dedicated reamer to open the lateral window during Sinus Lateral Upper Loch treatment.


Simple Sinus Crestal Reamer Kit

For Sinus Crystal Upper Loch treatment.

Set of tools consisting only of a dedicated reamer during Sinus Crystal Upper Loch treatment.


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