Bone Scraper

Easily Harvest Autogenous Bone

This ergonomic bone scraper allows users to easily scrape bone from the surface. It has a 360 degree rotating blade that allows up to 4 cutting edges and a transparent chamber for viewing amount of harvested bone.




  • Ergonomic design for comfortable handling.
  • Transparent design allows for real time viewing of amount of bone harvested.
  • The blade has been heat treated to prevent quick dulling, and can be rotated to provide an unused cutting edge up to 4 times.


  1. Rotating blade had 4 hash marks to easily identify the 4 cutting edges (can be rotated using a 1.2 hex driver)
  2. Transparent chamber.
  3. Ergonomic handle.
Bone Scraper Bone Scraper
Bone Scraper