Easy Extraction Kit

Effective Tools for Atraumatic Tooth Extraction

Optimized combination of essential tools to minimize damages on buccal bone of sockets during extraction



Anterior Extraction

Multiple Extraction


Essential tools for atraumatic extraction
  • Thin flexible periotome made of resilient stainless steel, most effective tools to cut periodontal ligaments
  • Half twisted luxators made of flexible stainless steel
  • Strong holding forceps
  • sharp serrated curette for easy removal of inflammatory residual tissues in sockets


1. Easy Periotome
  • Specialized thin alloy allows for easy cutting of the PDL towards the apex of the root. Recommend malleting to push periotome thru PDL
  • Loosening up the roots
  • Preparing purchasing points for easy luxators
Easy Periotome

2. Easy Lux
  • Unique half twisted thin and flexible blade.
  • Blade design allows for easy insertion into the PDL and easy luxation with minimal force.
  • Minimizes damage to surrounding soft tissue and alveolar bone.
  • Promotes Atraumatic extraction.
Easy Lux

3. Easy Forceps
  • Specialized tip design to hold the deeper body of tooth roots strongly
  • Enhancing the luxating effect and possibility of root residue while minimizing damage to the alveolar bone.
Easy Forceps

4. Surgical Curette
  • Serrated tip allows for easy curettage of soft tissue in extraction sockets.
Surgical Curette