Easy Implant Guide

Simplified Freehand Implant Placement Guide

This innovative design allows for quick and easy centering, directing, and spacing for single or multiple (adjacent) free hand implant placement. With multiple implant cases, the crowded implant placements and improper spacing of implants can be prevented.






Components & Feature

Crown Guide
Set 6, 7, 8 Set 9, 10
Crown Guide Drills with Built-In Spacers

Crown Guide Drills with Built-In Spacers:
(Ø6, Ø7, Ø8, Ø9, Ø10mm)

  • Easy centerinng whille initial drilling
  • Drills can collect particles of bone used with low RPM(500-1000 rpm)
  • Silicone spring for cross infection prevention and longer usage
Crown Guide Pins

Crown Guide Pins:
(Ø6, Ø7, Ø8, Ø9, Ø10mm)

  • A type has one of each sizes
  • B type has two of each sizes(intended for bigger implant cases)
  • Spacing, parallelism, and bite index
Crest Trimmer

Crest Trimmer

  • used for flattening narrow and/or thin crestal ridge of alveolar bone

Direction for use

Usage figure 1 Usage figure 2
  1. Determine size of crown for an edentulous site(Please refer the guide on the box)
  2. Choose size of Crown Guide Drill based on intended size of crown
  3. Put the Crown Guide pin accordingly
  4. Choose size of Crown Guide drill for distal site with proper size
  5. Drill to mark on the bone while touching the mesial Crown Guide Pin

Usage figure 3
  1. Determine which guide drill to use by matching the patient’s tooth number to the corresponding guide drill using the simple visual guide or through an accurate measurement of the crown diameter via CBCT or ruler. (The drill should fit snugly between adjacent teeth for single implant placement and should touch the adjacent tooth/guide pin for multiple implant cases.
  2. Direct and center the drill and mark the osteotomy site with the selected guide drill.
  3. For multiple implant cases, follow steps and 1 and 2. Then, place a guide pin into the first site. Next, mark the second osteotomy site with the selected guide drill by touching the guide pin with the guide drill. Be sure to determine to direction of osteotomy site and location (center, slightly lingual, etc.)