Oneself Bone Collector - OSBC

Drilling Utility Kit for Collecting Bone

OSBC Oneself Bone Collector kit provides reliable utility tools to reduce bone heating and time of collection during the procedure.


  • Collect autologous bone safely and quickly by minimizing bone loss during drilling.
  • Made of special materials to reduce bone heating when drilling.
  • World’s first silicone spring stopper which increases the number of uses by 50% compared to existing products on the market.


  1. Collector Drill: Ø4, Ø5, Ø6, Ø7
    - Used to collect the bone inside the drill while drilling. [Recommended RPM 500~1000]
  2. Stopper: Ø4, Ø5, Ø6, Ø7
    - It consists of the silicone spring.