Simple Sinus Lateral Reamer Kit

For Sinus Lateral Upper Loch treatment

This simplified kit consists of reamers and stoppers for opening the lateral window during a lateral approach sinus augmentation procedure.




  • Includes core and dome drills to create the lateral window.
  • Golden diamond round bur, wide dome, and side cut drills designed to enlarge windows.
  • Color coded stoppers for precise depth control.


  1. SRM-80: Sinus Reamer Ø8.0
  2. SRM-80T: Sinus Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0
  3. SDR-80T: Sinus Diamond Reamer Ø6.5 / Ø8.0
  4. SID-30: Side drill Ø3.5
  5. DCR-70: Diamond Core Reamer Ø7.0
  6. SCL-ST: Stopper Set (1.0mm~3.0mm 5ea)
  7. CASE-03: Case (Stainless Steel & Color Design)